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Farm with baby orphanage in Mwanza Tanzania

Emotions run high when you see the children growing up in this orphanage. Heartbreaking babies who were simply thrown away, who were found in the ditch. Babies that the girls who were raped don’t want to keep.

The group around Limbe had received a one-time grant from a Canadian organization and was able to buy land on Lake Victoria and build 2 houses there. Beautifully situated with a view of the lake. But the farm cannot provide for the orphanage. Above all, it lacks the necessary start-up capital to be able to buy other necessary equipment. For example, a solar pump with which water from the lake can be pumped to an elevated tank. The fields could then be irrigated from this tank. Several harvests per year would then be possible.
The farm and orphanage also lack other equipment such as machinery, vehicles and school facilities.
Of course, more children could also be admitted through monthly support.

The farm is located about 1 hour from the city of Mwanza and is very rural. Surrounding families live on their land and the women like to come and volunteer to help care for the babies and work the land. However, paid helpers are always needed to cope with all the work.

The Farm with Baby Orphanage project offers every opportunity for further modular expansion
– Purchase of a solar pump
– Purchase of a maize mill
– Expansion of livestock farming (chickens, cows)
– Sponsorships for further babies

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