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School attendance for children in Beni

 Dolsys enables school visits in Eastern Congo become a school sponsor now!

Frauen im Kongo

Women of Hope

Help for women and children in a battered region

Reconciliation in Rwanda

Reconciliation in Rwanda

An incredible story of forgiveness and reconciliation

Farm for rebel victims

Farm for rebel victims

50 hectares of farmland for rebel victims

What are the targets of Dolsys?

It is the declared aim that the aid is designed in such a way that, once an acute emergency has been resolved, people can work on their own livelihood again. It is important that the people themselves are actively part of the change. Long-term dependency of people in need of the aid organization must be avoided.

It may well happen that structural changes and facilities benefit those in need, but after a certain period of time these should be managed independently by the people concerned, enabling people to do so is a prerequisite for sustainable aid.

How is Dolsys financed?

The work of Dolsys is financed 100% from donations.

There are currently no administrative costs because all employees help on a voluntary basis. If you help, you can be sure that 100% of your donation will benefit people in need. There is also a Dolsys Foundation, which primarily provides the income from the foundation’s capital to the Dolsys association.

Donations can be given to the association or the foundation. Both organizations are recognized by the tax office as eligible and donation receipts can be issued.

Take part!

..and get active! Regularly or once – every donation helps!

Donations to us are of course tax-deductible – we always send the required donation receipt at the beginning of a new year.

We are happy about every article!
Special donation projects:

Education for children: School sponsorships for children damaged by rebels in the CHAM center in Beni Congo, monthly from 5, – per child. Larger amounts will be divided among a corresponding number of affected children.
Women of Hope: Donations are collected and when they reach more than 5,000, a new self-help group is formed, every donation helps.
Cow for peace: 1 cow costs around 1,000 euros

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