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  • 50 hectares of farmland

    50 hectares of farmland

    for our women from the Dolsys projects


Please note that the project is temporarily suspended due to the current tense situation in Congo.

We will buy about 50 hectares of farmland piece by piece for our women (15Ha were bought on December 1st, 2020) and provide the financial means that this land becomes a fertile farm with which our women’s groups can work for their own livelihood.

The numbers are as follows:

Dolsys Cham

It is about farm land in the small town of Bingo, about 20km west of the provincial capital Beni, which is to be bought over a period of 5 years. The land has so far been unused and overgrown with bushes and offers the very best conditions for a vegetable farm. Even coffee cultivation would be conceivable due to the geographical location. There are no large trees to be felled and there is water on the property. Dolsys has already paid 60,000 euros for this and will pay another 50,000 euros in 2021. The project also includes everything that is needed to start farming, even if no profits can be made initially. If profits are made, they remain in the project and are used as intended to alleviate the misery of the people.

For this project, too, Dolsys is working with the proven partner CHAM. In addition, government and non-government agencies are available with their expertise and experience on site.

It is especially the women and children who fall victim to the rebels. The consequences for these victims are severe, but the whole region is also suffering from the situation. But there are also signs of hope. As is so often the case, it is women who take their fate into their own hands to help their children. Numerous women’s groups have emerged in which the women exchange ideas and develop ideas on how they can earn an income in order to become independent of the help of their relatives. The women are well organized and function like self-help groups with elected leaders and clear rules. All decisions are made together. Before the decision is made, there are discussions, arguments are put forward and only if a majority supports the idea is it implemented. These women’s groups, which Dolsys has been supporting and brought into being since 2016, also form the backbone of this farming project. The women can earn money with their husbands by working in the fields and later also sell the food produced in the city.

Put a sign of hope! Help the victims of the cruel terror in Eastern Congo now. 100% of every donation is received and specifically helps to fight poverty and misery. All donors are regularly informed by us about the use of the funds. All donations are tax deductible and all donors automatically receive a donation receipt for the tax office at the beginning of the new calendar year. On behalf of the women and children of Beni, we thank all supporters!

The CHAM / Dolsys Kongo Farming project offers all the possibilities for further modular expansion
• Buy more land
• Construction of a building on the farm in Bingo
• Construction of a market hall with a meeting room in Beni
• Growing coffee beans
• Livestock farming (chickens, pigs, cows, etc.)

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