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Lake Victoria Island Support for needy islanders

Hundreds of thousands of people live on the islands of Lake Victoria. Some of them as if in a state of their own. They are mostly fishermen and sometimes have a little garden.
A health ship comes once a month and treats people with illnesses.
But in the event of accidents and other emergencies, the people are left to fend for themselves. This is where the help of the Kwa Pamoja organization comes in. This NGO has a small seaplane and various speedboats and can help people quickly. It can coordinate accidents and speed up emergency measures considerably. Many lives have already been saved in this way.
The seaplane regularly carries out surveillance flights, and the close cooperation with the fire department and the emergency services in Mwanza means that targeted help can be provided quickly by radio.
Unfortunately, the state only partially supports these services and the organization is dependent on additional help, e.g. for fuel for the aircraft and boats.

Negotiations with the government authorities are underway but are also very laborious; it is completely unpredictable when the government will assume full responsibility for the islanders.

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