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Reconciliation in Rwanda

Reconciliation in Rwanda

An incredible story of forgiveness and reconciliation

Give something of our abundance to people in need.
Helping people to help themselves.

The name “DOLSYS” is derived from the English terms “Dolphin” and “System”. The dolphin is known for consistently helping people in life-threatening situations. But he does not do this on the basis of his destiny, but out of the situation. One would never assume that the dolphin makes those in need dependent on itself.

The Dolsys association was born from the idea that people who go about their normal job and everyday life sacrifice part of their gifts and opportunities to help other people in need.

The logo of the fish (ICHTHYS) also reminds of the identification mark of Christians. The Dolsys association is mainly committed to aid projects that are carried out by helpers with a Christian conviction. With those in need, it doesn’t matter what religion or ethnicity they belong to.

Dolsys projects are primarily intended to help people in need to overcome an acute emergency.

Farm for forcibly displaced people

in Congo with street children Care

Farm with baby orphanage

in Mwanza Tanzania

Lake Victoria

Island Support for needy islanders
Dolsys Hilfe für Afrika

Reconciliation in Rwanda

An incredible story

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