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  • Reconciliation in Rwanda

    Reconciliation in Rwanda

    An incredible story

Project: Reconciliation in Rwanda

An incredible story

Imagine you are sitting in front of the murderer of your family members, your mother, your father, your siblings has this guy on your conscience.

And yet there is forgiveness.

After a time of suffering, emptiness and grief there was a reconciliation course there.

Christians know reconciliation, Jesus died for us, reconciled us to God.
Christians should forgive.
Nailing guilt to the cross, forgiving, forgetting is the hardest part.

The organization CARSA (Christian Action for Reconciliation and Social Assistance) offers reconciliation courses. It concerns the perpetrators and victims of the 1993 genocide in Rwanda. An incredibly impressive project.

After successful participation, the perpetrator – victim couple is given a cow. The two can then farm this cow together.

That is sustainable help

Special donation project “Cow for peace”

1 cow costs around 1,000 euros
A really worthwhile investment

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